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Learn the proven steps of the Emotionset Method and stop blocking yourself within 29 days

Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Stefan Peter

"Mental Training is a step by step process - not only a seminar or positive affirmations" - Stefan Peter


and Feedback

Feedback Emotionset Method
Roberto Guzman

"My consistency was always hitting a peak and then I would hit this rock bottom emotionally, spiritually and physically. The Emotionset Method helped me to push myself back up and I can highly recommend it to any coach or player." 

Dylan Maes

"I managed to identify the fears and negative belief that have been holding me back a lot. I have been doing the breathing exercises and it helped me a lot with my performance also. The fear meditation is something I also do daily, it helped me to decrease my anxiety and stress"

  • The clear and simple questions in the workbook helped me to perform better quickly. I was able to identify and change beliefs that blocked my performance. It was the first time I answered questions that I would usually avoid asking myself. But i was surprised how easy it is to change my subconscious limiting beliefs, once I experienced it consciously. I can finally work on a completely new vision. I also feel that I am more relaxed now when I play tennis and I am able to perform better.
  • I had a great conversation with Stefan where we talked about some very important aspects on the mental side of sports performance. We went through a few exercises which really helped me to think of new ways to improve my performance from the mental side. I’m excited to learn more and apply these techniques in the future!
  • As a personal coach and Ironman athlete I know how important good mindset is. This 4-week course was the first time I also realized how my emotions and my thoughts are interconnected. Even me as a coach myself I appreciate being coached from time to time. I can highly recommend this program if you feel stuck or don´t know how to overcome negative emotions yourself. In addition I also booked 1:1 coaching with Stefan Peter because I wanted to speed up this process and I am glad I did.
  • The coaching has fully changed my perspective of myself as an athlete. Even only after a first session I have already thought of my career differently. I’m looking forward to my next few games to use the techniques and strategies given to me.

5h+ Video course 

to explain the science behind performance blockages, mindset training and limiting beliefs

  • You learn to find out the real reason for your underperformance, by using the bodyscan method and you find out WHY you do what you do. This is extremely useful to become aware of your subconscious limiting beliefs and patterns and bring your subconscious emotions and patterns into your consciousness.

    You will learn: 
    - What is your big question in life that makes you do what you do
    - Why it is so hard to get out of your comfort zone
    - How you can use the bodyscan method to identify your limiting beliefs
    - Why 35%-50% of athletes suffer from depression, fears and anxieties and what to do 
    - How to stop self-sabotaging behavior


  • Instead of ignoring your emotions you learn ways how to become still, look inwards and how to deal with stressful situations and athletic pressure. This will help you to find the clarity to move forward and stay calm when it gets tough. You learn to avoid the biggest preventers of success, breathing techniques to relax and to activate your energy chakras.

    You will learn: 
    - What are the biggest preventers of success like fear and distraction and how to avoid them
    - How you can create more energy within you
    - Powerful breathing techniques to relax, focus and boost energy

  • In this step you learn where your subconscious beliefs and negative emotions come from, who or what triggers them and what blocks you and your performance. I show you ways to get in contact with your inner child, how to forgive and how to open up your heart if you currently blame others. This helps you to take responsibility and not to look for excuses why you are not performing. I will also show you ways how to deal with chronic pains and longterm injuries.

    You will learn: 
    - How athletes can learn to deal with anger
    - What is your subconscious and how does it create limiting beliefs
    - How can we unlearn subconscious beliefs and blocking patterns 
    - The mind-body-syndrom and the connection to longterm injuries
    - Parents influence and how we can use theta brainwaves to change our subconscious
    - Yoga and Micro Workouts to open your body as much as you open up your mind

  • You learn proven methods to transform the negative emotions and blocking beliefs or patterns and release new energy. And also how to use this method yourself in the future whenever difficult situations arise. This will help you to find clarity in life and lift the pressure from your chest. You will transform the way you feel right now. It will also help to prevent psychological problems and rebuild your self-confidence and self-worth to rediscover the joy in your passion.

    You will learn: 
    -proven ways and easy coaching techniques to overcome any future problem yourself
    - how to find clarity to lead your life
    - how to create a new powerful vision to perform and feel fulfilled 

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85+ page Workbook - to reach your full performance AND get you into action!

The Workbook makes all the difference, because the 72 questions, the weekly exercises, the proven coaching techniques and challenges will get you active and out of your comfort-zone. The questions are specifically designed to help athletes identify and transform subconscious limiting beliefs that block performance more than you can imagine. It is one of the most comprehensive workbooks for personal development for athletes and one of the only online programs out there
football player development webinar

Bonus webinars for the whole team

including topics such as

  • How athletes adapt to new environments and make friends faster
  • How to improve the body language and winner mentality of your whole team 
  • How to deal with negative emotions after injuries or when you are not playing
  • How parents can support their kid athletes in emotionally difficult situations
  • Leadership skills and how to be a good captain and more...

Guided meditations

To help you create inner clarity and resilience without becoming a monk

  • Overcome fear and anxieties
  • Open up your energy chakras 
  • Relaxing bodyscan
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Walking/Running meditation

Brain frequencies

Based on Neurotechnology, to help transformation & recovery, activate your maximum brain capacity and enhance muscle activity

  • DELTA - Deep and relaxing music with delta waves
  • GAMMA - Focus with ocean sounds
  • THETA - Relaxing flow with nature sounds
  • SLEEP - Peaceful dream music
  • POSITIVITY - Clearing subconscious negativity
  • HEAL - Healing and cell regeneration
  • SUCCESS - Law of attraction and motivation

Bonus materials

PDF files to download 

  • Sportsnutrition and gut health influencing emotional balance
  • How to deal with (social media) criticism
  • How to create teamspirit

Watch this video to see 

how the course looks like 

  • 5h+ video course (79 USD)
  • 85+ page workbook (29 USD)
  • bonus webinars (39 USD)
  • 9h+ brain frequencies (39 USD)
  • 5 guided meditations (29 USD)
  • Bonus PDF materials (9 USD)

Total value: 224 USD

Now only 99 USD

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PRO: BASIC Video course+

  • weekly 1:1 coachings via Zoom 
  • 24/7 Whatsapp support
  • 7 day online academy


Your subconscious limiting emotions like fear of losing, consistent worries, low self-confidence, anger, self-doubt or anxieties are powerful muscles that hold you back, block you and prevent your best performance.

The 4 steps of the online course will show you how to transform this.I will coach you and also teach you my 4 steps method if you decide to book 1:1 coaching also. Compare it to the physiotherapist who works with you in person and also teaches you exercises you can do at home to prevent another injury.

NOTE: This is not just another inspirational course. My coaching brings you into action, answers all your questions and gives you a step by step guide for future blockages. My course ensures that your mind understands the transformation and your heart feels and experiences it emotionally - this is the only way lasting change works.


-In 29 days athletes, coaches and even parents can learn to overcome anything that holds them back mentally and emotionally, in order to perform better than ever-

soccer player development

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