Hast Du dir jemals gewünscht, du könntest emotional und mental so stark sein wie die erfahrensten Spieler in der Umkleidekabine?

Als ambitionierter Fußballer strebst du danach, körperlich die Fitness und Ausdauer eines 22-Jährigen zu erhalten, während du gleichzeitig die Reife und mentale Stärke eines 32-Jährigen entwickeln möchtest. Die wertvollsten Spieler der heutigen Zeit sind jung, körperlich top fit und mental bereits auf dem Niveau der arrivierten Stars. Mbappe, Haaland, Bellingham und co zeigen täglich wie enorm wichtig mentale Stärke ist um an die Spitze zu kommen. Mein speziell entwickeltes Trainingsprogramm zielt darauf ab dir dabei zu helfen diese Kluft zwischen Alter, Reife, Mentalität und Leistung zu überbrücken um deine persönliche Entwicklung um 10 Jahre zu beschleunigen. Schritt für Schritt begleite ich dich auf diesem Weg, um deine Leistung auf das nächste Level zu heben.

Denis Hoeger Caballero
Roberto Guzman

"My consistency was always hitting a peak and then I would hit this rock bottom emotionally, spiritually and physically. The Emotionset Method helped me to push myself back up and I can highly recommend it to any coach or player." 

How can Pro Soccer Player really improve Performance?

Pro soccer players improve performance through consistent practice, physical fitness, technique, nutrition, hydration, rest, and personal development - you know all of this. However it is a growth mindset and emotional intelligence what separates the best from the rest. To improve what you think and how you feel it requires a step-by-step protocol instead of just reading a book or attending a seminar.

Novak Djokovic - how he became the world no.1 tennis player by following this approach

Dylan Maes

"I managed to identify the fears and negative belief that have been holding me back a lot. I have been doing the breathing exercises and it helped me a lot with my performance also. The fear meditation is something I also do daily, it helped me to decrease my anxiety and stress"

  • I had a great conversation with Stefan where we talked about some very important aspects on the mental side of sports performance. We went through a few exercises which really helped me to think of new ways to improve my performance from the mental side. I’m excited to learn more and apply these techniques in the future!
  • Stefan knows how to relate to and reach his clients in order to help them identify and overcome destructive patterns. A true enthusiast of the game, he understands the psychological importance of performance and has the educational knowledge to take his clients to the next level.
  • The coaching has fully changed my perspective of myself as an athlete. Even only after a first session I have already thought of my career differently. I’m looking forward to my next few games to use the techniques and strategies given to me.
  • The clear and simple questions in the workbook helped me to perform better quickly. I was able to identify and change beliefs that blocked my performance. It was the first time I answered questions that I would usually avoid asking myself. But i was surprised how easy it is to change my subconscious limiting beliefs, once I experienced it consciously. I can finally work on a completely new vision. I also feel that I am more relaxed now when I play tennis and I am able to perform better.
  • As a personal coach and Ironman athlete I know how important good mindset is. This 4-week course was the first time I also realized how my emotions and my thoughts are interconnected. Even me as a coach myself I appreciate being coached from time to time. I can highly recommend this program if you feel stuck or don´t know how to overcome negative emotions yourself. In addition I also booked 1:1 coaching with Stefan Peter because I wanted to speed up this process and I am glad I did.

A Pro-Soccer Mindset and Emotionset is more than just Positive Thinking!

If pro-athletes learn to stop blocking their own performance by changing limiting patterns and transforming self-sabotaging beliefs they consistently perform at their best, embrace challenges with confidence and resilience, believe in themself and embrace failure as an opportunity for growth. They experience joy and fulfillment in every performance, nurture their passion for the game and avoid burnout, maintain physical well-being and preventing injuries, celebrate victories and find joy in the process of their soccer career and preserve the love for the game and its essence.

Even KPMG's Player Valuation

is taking personality and mentality, communication skills, mental strength and emotional intelligence into account. Scouts, Teams and Agencies look for mentally and emotionally mature players in order to asses their future performance and marketability 

Aurélien Tchouaméni is a perfect example for this

"The first step is no longer blocking yourself" - Stefan Peter

Hi, my name is Stefan Peter. My coaching is based on the Emotionset Method, this is a 4 step training that I have especially created for pro-soccer players to help you grow mentally and emotionally into the player you could be.

Compare this process with going to the gym to build muscle. You also need a step by step workout plan to follow along and the one-on-one expert support of your personal trainer. I am here for you and guide you on the way to emotional strength. The Emotionset Method online course is your blueprint to follow along and get the most out of our one-on-one time.

Self-confident soccer players score 30% more penalties

Unlock Your Peak Performance: Embrace Personal Development for Success. Discover the secret to reaching new heights without the frustration and regardless of the obstacles in your path. With the power of personal development, you can achieve your desired results, overcome challenges, and tap into your true potential. Say goodbye to the limitations holding you back and embrace a journey of growth and self-discovery. 


Experience the thrill of progress, enhanced confidence, and a winning mindset. Navigate through setbacks with resilience and find the motivation to keep pushing forward. Stefan Peter's proven methods empower you to conquer your goals and transform your game. Ready to unlock your peak performance? Start your journey with Stefan Peter today.


Typical stages leading to underperformance


A big change in life like a new environment in a new club, other friends or loss of romantic relationship


The pressure becomes real. Club, sponsors, manager and fans have expectations


Comparison between teammates and first performance stagnation


First self-doubts. What if I am not good enough?


Not enjoying wins anymore and feeling stuck and lost 


No one to talk to because the risk of showing weakness and being replaced seems too big

Negative emotions overpower positive thoughts

Fear, anger, frustration or envy  lead to inner blockages. They prevent you from thinking clearly, making good decisions and ultimately block your performance

Negative emotions attract more negativity

Your reality is like a mirror reflection of your feelings and emotions. If you keep feeling anxious, fearful or miserable you will never perform to your full potential AND risk your mental health

Positive thinking is not enough

Your limiting beliefs and negative emotions are your strongest muscles. They  can pull you into the offside position of life, if you let them. Not even the best positive affirmations can stop negative emotions

soccer mindset coach
  • M.A.S in Sports Health and Leadership, Alpe Adria University
  • BSPA Certified Personal Coach
  • Co-founder of VEEV Health and Fitness Institute
  • Instructor for the PFA Austria
  • Ongoing Personal Development Coaching Programs by Greator GmbH 
  • Certified Communication Trainer and Seminar Leader
  • Certified Instructor for Endurance Training

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