Performance Tips for "Playmakers"

In order to perform even better, focus on maintaining a balance between your enthusiasm and discipline. By learning to channel your expressive and inspirational qualities and combining them with awareness and focus, you will be able to keep your energy levels higher for much longer.

Your behavior on and off the pitch

You are sociable, enthusiastic, and an excellent communicator. You thrive on building relationships and motivating others. You mostly exhibit high energy and emotional expressiveness. You are often the one who lifts team spirit, creates an upbeat atmosphere, and motivates teammates, even during difficult moments.


How to communicate with other "Playmakers" in your team?

  • Motivation: Playmakers thrive on recognition, social interaction, and positive feedback. They want to be seen as influential and inspiring. Show this to them in order to win them over.
  • Communication Approach: Offer praise and recognition for their enthusiasm and motivation. Create a positive and social team atmosphere. Encourage them to lead and inspire teammates.

Those are famous "Playmakers" - Just like you!


Famous for his creativity, flair, and ability to entertain crowds with his skills and tricks.

Neymar Jr.

A charismatic and expressive player known for his dynamic playing style and ability to inspire teammates and fans alike.

David Beckham

Renowned for his charm, leadership off the pitch, and ability to connect with fans worldwide.

My best advice for you as the "Playmaker" in order to make the next step in life and career:

"Learn to be more efficient and more precise.  Become a better leader and learn to keep your own energy and morale high, without draining yourself in moments of failure or challenges."  Remember: Focus alone is not enough for high performers - we want Focus+Awareness! That's why for Playmakers Mindfulness is key.

 - Stefan Peter, MAS in Sports Health and Leadership