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Performance relies on many factors. While all pro athletes are physically on top of their game the mental and emotional aspects are equally important and become more and more significant. Too low or too high arousal levels can negatively impact performance, making mental and emotional control essential. This takes practice and dedication, just like training your speed or agility. 

Otherwise emotions can easily overpower our thoughts - that's why I say "Emotions are the strongest muscles in our body" Pro athletes must remain calm and focused, and pro soccer mindset training is designed to help achieve this. The "Emotionset Method" is our way into sports psychology. It focuses on breaking down mental barriers as step one. Only then things like visualization, breathing exercises or positive self-talk actually works. Our 29-day Emotionset Online Course, featuring one-on-one sessions, will enhance your performance and reshape your mindset training routines completley.

 The goal is not only to help you perform better, but ALSO experience inner fulfillment and real "performance-joy" that goes beyond your career in the spotlight. "Let's do this"

Hi, I am Stefan Peter 

I have created the Emotionset Method to help you grow as a player and as a human being. The way you think, feel and what you believe off the pitch is what you will get on the pitch.

I am here for you to guide you on the way to emotional strength and mental toughness, but hopefully also joy in every aspect of your life including Performance-Joy on the pitch.

If you decide to work with me you will get one-on-one coaching but also online course modules that will give you real life exercises, proven coaching questions and in depth video explanations specifically designed for you as a soccer player. It is like going to the "mind-gym" but with a step by step workout plan and me as your expert personal coach.

This is what Pro Player and Coaches say about working with me

Roberto Guzman

"My consistency was always hitting a peak and then I would hit this rock bottom emotionally, spiritually and physically. The Emotionset Method helped me to push myself back up and I can highly recommend it to any coach or player." 

How can Pro Soccer Player really improve performance and feel more fulfilled?

Pro player improve soccer performance through consistent practice, physical fitness, technique, nutrition, hydration, rest, and recovery - you know all of this. However it is a growth mindset, mental toughness, a strong personality and emotional intelligence what separates the best from the rest. 

And yet this still does not mean you feel happy and fulfilled. Even the most successful players who have reached the top are not immune to mental and emotional struggles. Why? - because reaching goals does not automatically lead to joy and happyness.  

If you dare to ask yourself questions, question your learned beliefs and you dare to regularly step out of your comfort zone, your self-awareness grows, you build unshakable self-confidence, experience stronger healthier relationships and you start to communicate crystal clear with yourself and others.  Instead of feeling insecure and lost you feel balanced and grounded within yourself. True strength that leads to real "Performance-Joy" 

read about Novak Djokovic's self development journey and get inspired to do the same!

Dylan Maes

"I managed to identify the fears and negative belief that have been holding me back a lot. I have been doing the breathing exercises and it helped me a lot with my performance also. The fear meditation is something I also do daily, it helped me to decrease my anxiety and stress"

  • I had a great conversation with Stefan where we talked about some very important aspects on the mental side of sports performance. We went through a few exercises which really helped me to think of new ways to improve my performance from the mental side. I’m excited to learn more and apply these techniques in the future!
  • As a collegiate athlete the mental side of sport is just as difficult as the physical aspect so when Stefan reached out offering his knowledge I took the opportunity. The best thing about Stefan was how personal he was, he delved in about my story before getting into the logistics of psychology. I’ve struggled a lot with recent injuries which takes a big toll of one’s mental health. He helped me identify and overcome difficulties I never knew I had.
  • Stefan knows how to relate to and reach his clients in order to help them identify and overcome destructive patterns. A true enthusiast of the game, he understands the psychological importance of performance and has the educational knowledge to take his clients to the next level.
  • The coaching has fully changed my perspective of myself as an athlete. Even only after a first session I have already thought of my career differently. I’m looking forward to my next few games to use the techniques and strategies given to me.
  • The clear and simple questions in the workbook helped me to perform better quickly. I was able to identify and change beliefs that blocked my performance. It was the first time I answered questions that I would usually avoid asking myself. But i was surprised how easy it is to change my subconscious limiting beliefs, once I experienced it consciously. I can finally work on a completely new vision. I also feel that I am more relaxed now when I play tennis and I am able to perform better.
  • As a personal coach and Ironman athlete I know how important good mindset is. This 4-week course was the first time I also realized how my emotions and my thoughts are interconnected. Even me as a coach myself I appreciate being coached from time to time. I can highly recommend this program if you feel stuck or don´t know how to overcome negative emotions yourself. In addition I also booked 1:1 coaching with Stefan Peter because I wanted to speed up this process and I am glad I did.
  • “Stefan offered expertise and insight during our conversations. He has a defined process to help athletes improve the mental side of their game, which could be tailored to the individual needs of the athlete.”
  • Stefan shared key insights into the world of emotional development and mindset that I had initially looked over. We spoke about my specific targets, and he was patient and attentive to all my questions regarding the implementation of my mindset strategies. The call was overall an amazing reflection tool and a clear introduction to a service that can help young coaches like myself gain a fast track to advanced emotional intelligence.
  • Stefan is very knowledgeable in his field and he was very easy to open up to. He was able to help me reflect on my playing career and how it will help me transition into the next phase of my life - which is coaching. He was able to provide valuable tools an techniques to help shift my mindset and view things from a different perspective. These tools and techniques are integral for the mental side of sports, both as a player and a coach.
  • In one call with Stefan he helped improve my understanding of psychology and emotional intelligence. He passed on some really useful tips to help with my own individual development. In the modern world, it is an aspect of sport that is becoming increasingly important for individuals and athletes to be aware of.

I coach players, teams, and coaches because I believe every individual equally matters within a team

I guide players in shaping a fresh vision for sustained high performance as they approach the end of their careers

Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

"I have this fear about retirement: what will happen next? I know I will have other possibilities and offers, but this adrenaline I feel on the pitch, I know I won't find that anywhere else. That's why I'm having this panic. Read about Zlatan's fear and worries in this interview.

"A healthy dressing room is worth more than a hundred hours of tactics"

Vicente Del Bosque, former Spain National Coach


2008 and 2012 Olympic Studies found the two most important factors to win a medal: 

1 - Athlete's Self-Awareness

2- Coach-Athlete Relationship


A Pro-Soccer Mindset and Emotionset is more than just Positive Thinking!

If you dream of consistent performance and fulfillment, there is no way around working on your mindset and emotionset.  If you feel like your performance could be better, improving your behavior and emotional response in certain game situations can often make the difference. This includes changing limiting patterns, transforming self-sabotaging beliefs, learning to embrace challenges without getting blocked and fostering self-belief  and self-awareness. This way you can perform at the highest level, but most importantly also experience joy and fulfillment in every performance, nurture your passion for the game, avoid burnout, maintain physical  and mental well-being, prevent injuries, and find joy in the process, in order to preserve the love for the game of soccer and the game of life.

  • M.A.S in Sports Health and Leadership, Alpe Adria University
  • BSPA Certified Personal Coach
  • Co-founder of VEEV Health and Fitness Institute
  • Instructor for the PFA Austria
  • Ongoing Personal Development Coaching Programs by Greator GmbH 
  • Certified Communication Trainer and Seminar Leader
  • Certified Instructor for Endurance Training
  • Pranayama Breathwork Teacher Training by YACEP Yoga Alliance

Challenges many players face


A big change in life like a new environment in a new club, other friends or loss of romantic relationship, usually early in life


Growing pressure from coaches, club, sponsors, manager, fans and own expectations


Constant comparison and self-doubt leading to inconsistent performance and stagnation


Setbacks like injuries or being benched leading to feeling stuck and lost 


No one to talk to because the risk of showing weakness and being replaced seems too big

Personality development will equip you with the tools to overcome challenges on and off the pitch, in order to tap into your true potential. Say goodbye to the limitations holding you back and embrace a journey of growth and self-discovery. Strong and self-aware personalities strive under pressure and know when to slow down in order to progress. They navigate through setbacks with resilience and find the motivation to keep pushing forward in every aspect of life. Start your journey today.


Self-confident soccer players score 30% more penalties

Negative emotions overpower positive thinking!

Emotions are the strongest muscles in our body. That's why we need to start by becoming aware of them if we truly want to change and make the next step. Fear, anger, frustration, guilt, shame or envy lead to inner blockages - it is a simple matter of low vibrating frequencies. 

They prevent you from thinking clearly, making good decisions and ultimately block your performance and joy. They even influence your environment, because just like a tuning fork we emit those frequencies and people around us have the ability to "read" them.  Without saying a word you know when your best buddy is not feeling well - am I right. 

Also your outside reality is like a mirror reflection of your inner feelings, thoughts and emotions. If you want to improve your circumstances in life you need to start within yourself. However, if you keep thinking negative or feeling anxious or fearful you will never perform up to your full potential and truly experience fulfillment, joy and happiness. Get in touch with me now and become limitless.

Signs you are not yet performing on your highest level


  • Unable to deal with failure or celebrate your “wins”
  • Underachieving
  • Overthinking
  • Negative self-talk
  • Feeling guilty, ashamed or in pain
  • Constantly overworking or overpowering yourself
  • Feeling exhausted all the time
  • Feeling the need to achieve in order to get love
  • Feeling the need to perform to be approved or to belong
  • Having problems being present in the moment
  • Blaming others for your own failures
  • A constant change of environment to feel better
  • Making others responsible for your happiness
  • Chronic symptoms, regular injuries or illnesses
  • Unhealthy relationships or avoiding love in general
  • Unable to make your own decisions
  • Obsessive or addictive self-sabotaging behaviors

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