Body language tips for athletes and what we can learn from lobsters

Did you know that the mechanisms of body language between humans and lobsters hardly differ? Humans and lobsters have in common that they make themselves big when they feel good and small when they feel bad or inferior. This in turn signals to all other lobsters the social rank of its conspecifics. It is no different with us humans. People who stand confidently, upright with broad chest are seen as confident and successful.

Your nervous system rewards you with an enormously important gift

But your posture does not only have an effect on the outside world, but also on your inner world. Because the principle applies that we are more than just our body, namely body, mind and soul and everything is connected to each other. So it is not surprising that experiments have shown that people immediately feel better emotionally when they adopt an upright posture and smile a little.

If, on the other hand, you walk hunched over, with your shoulders slumped and your head down, making a sad face, then you will be perceived as inferior by your environment, and even worse, you will feel bad about yourself, as a good-for-nothing who doesn't deserve it. Emotions always trigger frequencies in the body. These vibrations are like radio waves that your environment, your teammates, your coach, your family and friends perceive and influence. In the worst case, your negative vibration also negatively influences the vibration of others. In the best case exactly the other way around.

Winners can be recognized at the start - but so can losers.

It is said that you can recognize losers and winners before the start. Much depends on the body language. If you have a winning charisma then your opponents will also perceive this charisma. A winner is looked at differently and treated differently. Often it is enough to remind yourself in moments where you don't feel so good to keep your posture straight and upright.


Another great tip is to silently sing your favorite song when you are out on the pitch and suddenly feel your body language becomes negative, you start to feel bad or you get anxious or stressed. Many athletes already do this when they listen to their personal playlist right before a game.

How you can help your team perform better immediately – CODEWORD „Lobster“

Remind each other as a team and help each other with this. If a teammate's body language changes to negative on the field, make him aware of it, just as you would tell him if he is tactically incorrect or has an opponent at his back. Call him a lobster for example if you want to use a catchy and funny codeword ;-)

How to win even against overpowering opponents

This trick also helps you in moments when you feel inferior, for example, because you know that your opponent may be stronger than you. Your nervous system interprets your posture and releases more serotonin, which makes you feel stronger. Instead of running away in fear, which would only reinforce your fear patterns, you face the demands of life courageously. Instead of freezing in front of the snake, you see the gold treasure it wants to protect from you. Go and get the treasure.

What concrete benefits positive body language brings you:

You decide whether to run away from life or to shape it according to your wishes.

You decide to leave the paradise of your childhood, free from the burdens of life, and become the man or woman you want to be.

You realize that everything is transient and everything must always change. Nothing stays as it is, no matter how much you want it to. The idea or wish that everything stays the way it is is childish and naive.

You decide that you will take the burdens of life upon yourself to create a life that gives you self-worth and joy.

Every individual positive posture of a human being is a cornerstone to support the whole world.

Stand up for what you believe and respect what others believe.

Stand up for yourself, because you have as much right as anyone else to stand up for yourself and be most important to yourself. Because realize if you feel bad about yourself you can't be of any help to anyone else. This is the reason why on every flight they tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.

Walk upright through your life and always look forward confidently and self-assuredly.

You will see that your environment will immediately behave differently and that your body feeling will immediately change positively when the serotonin shoots through your veins and calms and strengthens you at the same time.

Strengthened by this, your fear will also decrease, step by step, always a little bit.

You will feel lighter and more relaxed in the company of other people, you will formulate your own important points of view better and more precisely because you will feel more comfortable in conversation when others perceive you.

TIP: use this opportunity when you meet new people.

Consciously remember in advance how you want to come across to this person or group. Nobody knows your story, you can become a completely new person in these moments. Impress exactly in these moments and from now on in every moment. You will become magnetic for even more positive things and through your changed frequency you will start to attract new people into your life who will be positive for you. You are the main actor in your life movie and at the same time you can change the script if you want to, without having to ask anyone for permission.

Thus empowered, you will be better equipped to handle even the most difficult situations in life. If you lose a loved one, if you have to accept a great defeat or if you are plagued by illness. Even then, your inner light will shine and inspire others.

Your positive posture forms a cornerstone for your success, performance and serves to support the whole world, probably more than any lobster ever could. ;-)

all the best and best performance, Stefan Peter

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