My Vision and Purpose

After turning 30, I started asking questions that aren't typically covered in schools or books. So, what did I do? I packed my bags and started traveling the world. My goal was to explore and discover the world and myself, grow through spiritual wisdom, deepen modern coaching techniques, and combine it with the self-leadership  principles I learned and experienced in the past. 

I believe everyone has the potential for greatness. 

However, many choose to stay put because life's real growth happens in uncharted territories. It's often more comfortable to endure familiar challenges than to venture into the unknown and take risks. We all know this comfort zone - don't we?

What if success and achievements are not what we think?

My vision for players and clubs isn't just about winning games; it's about building a culture that goes beyond the usual ideas of achievement and success. I'm talking about an environment where players aren't stuck only in their roles on the field. Instead, they're encouraged to dive into their passions, dreams, and potential beyond soccer.

In this envisioned soccer world, clubs become catalysts for positive change. Where they see that their impact goes far beyond the results of a match. I believe clubs can also be hubs of inspiration and personality development, helping athletes reach their maximum physical performance, but also guiding them to discover their unique paths in life and encouraging a sense of purpose beyond the pitch, without being afraid of compromising titles and trophies.

To me this is what true success and high performance is. Something that is filled with joy and passion, not necessarily always something with a measurable outcome.

A guiding vision acts as a northstar for yourself and contributes to the growth of everyone around you as well

Moreover, I believe that by helping to discover this guiding north-star within both individuals and clubs, we can tap into the transformative power of sports. Athletes and clubs inspire people around the world, so let’s make a difference in the lives of fans and communities worldwide. It's not just about thinking from game to game; it's about seeing the bigger picture, where we can create a movement where soccer becomes a platform for personal growth, collective development, and global connection.

I've figured out that if I want to inspire others and make a real contribution, I need to show it through my actions rather than just talking about it.

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