How athletes grow on and off the pitch by turning inwards and listening to their inner voice, instead of what others tell them to believe.  I have found my mission in life - and it is simply "To Be M…

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Anger has always been a source of energy for some athletes. For some personality types it is an advantage to feel anger because it gives them power and drive. Roy Keane, the former Manchester United …

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As a young athlete, you do sports because you enjoy it- right? Pressure plays little or no role at first. But there comes a time when you feel what it can mean to you if you suddenly stop performing.…

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Did you know that the mechanisms of body language between humans and lobsters hardly differ? Humans and lobsters have in common that they make themselves big when they feel good and small when they f…

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About the author

Stefan Peter, MAS in Sports Health and Leadership

With more than a decade of coaching experience and my own background as a young athlete it is my goal to help you perform better, but most importantly help your personal growth on and off the pitch.

" So many young athletes only perform in training, but block their own performance when it gets tough. Not only do they risk loosing the love of the game but even worse developing mental health issues" - It is my passion and calling to help you overcome your limiting thoughts, emotions and beliefs. 

1:1 coaching for athletes to overcome limiting beliefs

Stop blocking your own performance and learn to be more confident and rediscover your joy

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