Why Take the Free Soccer Personality Test?

Self-Awareness is Key for High Performance. Elite High Performers work regularly on specific behavior under pressure to improve faster than anyone else.  

Knowing your personality type will give you incredible insights on how to bring your game to a complete new level. It's like having a secret playbook to maximize your own potential but also how to help other personality types in your team become their best version in order to succeed as a collective.

The results are a great roadmap if you want to make the next step in your career, get back in the starting lineup or motivate yourself again when you are currently injured or not feeling on top of your game. You will know exactly what to focus on, based on your unique type and unique abilities in order to become the best version of yourself.

What you get after completing the personality test


Clear identification of your soccer personality type


Your personal strengths and weaknesses under pressure


What you need to stay motivated based on your communication preferences


How to communicate more effectively with different personality types on the team


My personal tips for you to improve your performance based on your type

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